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Divine Healing Symbol - life-changing Diana Divine Healing pendants,  'pebbles' and pet disc.

Transformation, Meditation, Inspiration and Divination - 'In the Stillness Everything Happens' Diana book, the Diana Meditation CD and pack of 54 cards.

Purrfect Symphony - our incredible relaxation CD's, Purrfect Symphony and Relax with Cats.

The Coaching Parent - the original book and the latest [2013] Coaching Parent Companion.

Workshops - Diana Divine Healing and Healing Code workshops. Book your place on line.

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"Since Terry [my husband, who has experienced 22 years of really poor health] has been wearing his pendant for only 3 days the improvement in his whole body and mind has been astonishing. My dowsing for his self-love, which for years has been running on zero has come up to 40%, and the effect it has on him has been a joy to behold. Eureka!"   Penny Pullen, Pendulum Dowser, Health Researcher and Truth Activist.

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"Diana was right when she said 'All things are possible.'"